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“G-safety” is built from the outside in with multi-dimensional safety systems protecting occupants and pedestrians. Passive and active systems make sure everyone in a 360-degree circle is safe in and around a geely auto car. Currently the technology has been integrated into select versions of the emgrand gt, x7 sport, emgrand gl, and other 3rd generation geely auto models.


360-Degree Protection

For pedestrians, cyclists, and even large animals outside the car, geely has also developed a four level “pedestrian protection system” that includes a detection, warning, avoidance, and injury reduction system. The 360-degree security identification zone detects dangers to occupants and takes appropriate action to avoid them.

Travel with Peace of Mind

A wealth of technologies including daytime running lights, huds, integrated consoles, and intelligent voice control all help to give drivers a better field of vision and keep their mind on the road. An undistracted driver is a safe driver.


Intelligent Driving System

Intelligent drive technology acts as a second driver that helps drivers cope with road environments as well as providing drivers with a more relaxing driving experience. Acc adaptive cruise control automatically keeps cars in front at a safe distance while epb electric power braking, eps electric power steering, autohold, and automated parking makes stopping, turning, and parking all the more easier.

Actively Avoid Accidents

Complete safety is only possible when danger is avoided. Active safety measures such as aeb active emergency braking system, cdp controlled deceleration for parking brake system, and vdc vehicle dynamic control system help drivers avoid accidents or if unavoidable, helps reduce the severity of accidents.


Saving Lives Through Passive Safety

In the event of an accident, passive safety technologies help protect occupants’ lives. Occupants are protected from injury through a combination of high-strength steel cage body, advanced seatbelts, airbags, seats, and interior configurations.