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Geely auto group is a leading automobile manufacturer based in hangzhou, china and was founded in 1997. The group manages several leading brands including geely auto, volvo, lynk & co, proton cars, and geometry.


Geely Vision

The global automotive industry is undergoing an important transitional period today as it enters a new era. This new era not only redefines the vehicles that we make by shifting focus to new energy solutions, but also scrutinizes how we conduct our business as partnerships and collaborations take centre stage. Geely auto is still committed to its brand mission of ‘making refined cars for everyone’, which has led us to become china’s leading privately-owned automotive brand. However, our vision for the future is not just to be china’s leading brand, but to become the most competitive and respected chinese auto brand in the world. With that in mind and the evolving global conditions, geely auto has to embrace the changes that are happening all around us and always keep one foot forward if we are ever to make our vision a reality.

We have developed a number of key new strategies in the past few years that will help us take this leap forward and shall continue to monitor the progress they have made. In late 2016, geely auto unveiled its “20200 strategy”; from 2020 onwards, we will sell 2 million vehicles annually, bring 30 new cars to the market and dramatically expand the brand’s dealership network across to over 1,000 stores in china and over 500 globally.

Over the past decade, we have quietly and gradually developed our industrial layout and accumulated experience in order to achieve real change, by transforming and leading the world in new energy. Geely follows an expanded and pragmatic new energy development strategy that places importance on real substance rather than hype. To achieve our goals, we have invested far and above the industry average in r&d, with the establishment of four global r&d centres. We also employ 2,500 world-class new energy researchers, created an innovative new energy r&d system, developed new vehicles architecture technology and have received hundreds of patents for core technologies.

The result of our hard work and efforts can be seen with the launch of the new bo rui ge, which incorporates the world’s most efficient mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems. The mild hybrid version of the vehicle is the first mass-produced mild-hybrid b-segment sedan in china with a combined power of 142kw and 300nm torque. The plug-in version on the other hand comes with a combined maximum power of 192kw, maximum torque of 425nm and maximum pure electric range of 60kms. All of these models are equipped with a 7dcth transmission jointly developed by geely and volvo that improves fuel economy by an astronomical 42.4% and improve power by 24%.