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Abou Ghaly Finance

We provide integrated retail financing solutions with an array of payment schedules, and ways to help customers cover maintenance charges, spare parts, and different insurance types.

  • Different packages to finance new or used vehicles
  • Financing 80% of the vehicle’s value; up to 3,000,000 EGP and a minimum of 15,000 EGP
  • Up to 5 years payment period
  • Down-payment starts from 20% of the car value for individuals and 10% for corporate
  • Interest differs according to the program
  • Admin fees equal to 2.25% of the financed amount (with a minimum of 570 pounds and a maximum of 12,540 pounds)
  • A prepaid fee equal to 3% of the remaining amount
  • Simple procedures with minimal processing time
  • Car insurance and registration services
  • Age 21-70 upon contract expiry
  • Egyptian or foreigner living in Egypt
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